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About Me

I am the fifth generation of Psychics in my family line. Each of us carries the gift of perception, feeling, and understanding beyond the physical. 


Ever since I was young, I have been able to see and read the energies of others. I have the capability to tune into the emotions of those around me and feel them within me. Through feeling, I understand my clients deeply.


As I grew older, my skills and sensitivity grew. Now, it is as if I am standing in my client's past, present, and future. With this new perspective, I am able to guide, heal, and advise on any questions clients may have.

My work is sacred, pure, and balancing. Everyday I wake up incredibly grateful to be able to give to others so they can live in their highest purpose.

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My Philosophy

All of creation is based under the principle of balance. My work primarily revolves around using the tools of Mother Nature and the 4 Elements to maintain internal balance so outward balance follows effortlessly. 

I heal with the elements of Life: water, fire, earth, and wind. When one of these elements is off-balance, it is very easy for everything to begin caving in.

Balancing can come in the form of knowing an answer to a question you have, using crystals to absorb and heal internal struggles, or various other techniques that have been passed down through generations and generations of knowledge. 

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