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Readings by Angela

Ask, Receive, Know


Meet Angela

Have you been feeling unbalanced? Are you feeling depressed? Are you struggling to find peace of mind?

As a Cherokee Native American and fifth generation psychic, I have been doing readings for over 25 years. My ability to read and see beyond the physical realm allows me to spiritually heal and advise others on their journeys. I am able to tell the past, present, and future of anyone's Life. 


If you are not at peace within yourself or feel unbalanced in your Life, let me help you see what's going on and help you sustain inner peace.

My Offerings

Below is a list of all my featured services. 


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Love Readings

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Tarot Card Readings

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Palm Readings

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Past Life Reading

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Energy Reading

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Animal Reading


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Spiritual Cleansing

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Chakra Cleansing

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Guided Meditation

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Crystal Healing

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Energy Healing

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Reiki Energy Work


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Full Life Palm Reading

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Spiritual Guidance

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All in One

psychic Atlanta healer psychic atlanta.j

All in One Reading

Includes Tarot Card Reading, Energy Reading, and Full Life Palm Reading

1 hour - $95


What Clients Say

"The most accurate reading I’ve ever had! She creates such a warm & inviting environment, Angela makes you feel like you are just chatting with a friend! What she has told/warned me about has already come into fruition & I’m glad she could help!"

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